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19 Mar

I’m not a world-renowned “expert”.

Nor am I a “highly-sought after” sports performance coach.

I don’t claim to have trained over “a dozen round 1 draft picks and hundreds of Division I athletes”.

Nor do I take the credit for “countless team and individual championships”.

I’m just a family man who has the opportunity and privilege of helping athletes reach their potential on and off the field, every single day.

And I love every second of it…

Here’s the thing. I haven’t hit the age of 30 yet and I have had the amazing journey of traveling through each field of strength and conditioning, sports performance, athletic development or whatever the latest buzz phrase is on getting kids “bigger, faster, stronger and injury resistant”. From Olympic training centers to NFL weight rooms and almost every coaching position from intern through head strength coach in Division I athletics, I was there.

I’ve been on the sidelines of “big-time” games where I couldn’t hear myself think. I’ve run out the tunnel and tripped over the smoke machine on Sunday. I’ve watched athletes do things that should be considered “impossible”. And I’ve been around a lot of great people who helped shape me into the man and coach I am today.

But something was missing. I was never completely…satisfied.

Sure, I got excited about the 1RM hang clean, the blazing fast 40 yard time and the joys and perks of working with the very best. But I knew there was more to coaching. I knew that when it was all said and done, coaching had the opportunity to change lives, not just numbers.

I tried and tried but at the end of the day, I didn’t feel like what we did was truly making enough of a difference in the lives of the athletes we coached. I mean, who really cares what you do and how you do it as long as there are more W’s than L’s, right?

Wrong. And while I know there are many great coaches and staffs who see the big picture of developing athletes as PEOPLE first, a majority of us get caught up in the immediate payoff; winning.

I get it. Winning puts food on the table. Winning makes us sleep better at night. Winning is the Holy Grail, the amoxicillin, the peanut butter to our jelly sandwich. It’s the understanding and sought after reason why we do, what we do. Who doesn’t want to WIN?

But it took me five states, five years and five different coaching positions to understand that I was missing the big picture and was too afraid to stand up for what I truly believed in. Winning wasn’t THE end to my means, it simply was ONE of the ends. And my means included more than five sets of five and repeat 110’s.

Fast forward to the fall of 2014 where I came across the book that essentially sparked the reason for this website and my responsibility to influence and inspire today’s culture of coaching and competing. inside-out

Suggested to me by one of my former interns (Gabby Gaudreault), Joe Ehrmann’s “Inside Out Coaching” was a life changer. It gave me the confidence I needed to truly stand up for what I believed in and remind people why we do what we do. It helped me realize that it really was ok to not worry about the immediate satisfaction of winning and instead look at the long-term residuals of the impact of good coaching. So, I had to ask myself:

Why was I defining success to what was going on now?

Here was a guy who had a very successful athletic career and felt empty, a void that could not be filled with more glamor and glory. No matter where he turned, the answers he was looking for were not found in the immediate and easy layer of success. It took a deep and thorough exploration of life experiences, both bad and good, to figure out the exact meaning of what he was trying to do in his life.

And after only about 10 years of coaching, have I figured it out yet?

Not even close.

But, through good times and bad, I’ve got a better understanding of what my purpose and role is with today’s athletes and coaches, and part of that is this website.

I’m not going to tell you how to do your job (as a coach).

Nor will I tell you that what I’ve done is the way it should be done.

I’m here to hopefully inspire, educate and possibly enlighten you on some of intangibles of one of the greatest services we can provide to others; coaching and serving others.

And I hope you continue to read and follow me on my journey of helping change lives, not just numbers…