The Power of N.O.W.

January 13, 2015 / General
The Power of N.O.W.

The bags are packed, the stories been retold and new connections are on the horizon. As I sit with my family of four returning back from yet another awesome NSCA Coaches Conference representing RYPT and the YSCC, I remember how great this week has been, connecting with former interns, mentors and friends as well as meeting so many great people. Hearing all their experiences and stories certainly makes me feel proud that they have come so far but yet even more excited for them to experience the real challenges ahead and how they will respond to them.

  • Like balancing time between coaching and your spouse…
  • Or managing both a business AND a family…
  • Maybe moving yet once again and starting over, without a guarantee in sight…

A common theme I continued to hear from old faces and new dealt with the future, the uncertainty, the “Boogeyman” of the unknown. Whether it was college coaches flirting with the idea of leaving the sacred NCAA or an up and coming young coach seeking out advice on a new opportunity, the smell of fear was as pungent and rancid as ever.

I was a magnet to all of their questions, concerns and fears, and I couldn’t of been more humbled and honored to hear them.

I guess it makes sense. Since I’ve graduated from Springfield College in 2006, I’ve lived in six states from coast to coast, worked with six successful organizations, and held seven different positions from the professional rankings to the private sector.

I even married the love of my life, started a family of four with two beautiful children who can do this and even purchased two homes along the way.

I’ve gotten in and out of credit card debt, lived in Craig’s list ad rented rooms and garage apartments (twice), and ate nothing but cans of tuna fish and Muscle Milk protein bars.

And, at this point in life, I’ve never been happier.

So how can you sleep a little bit better at night and throw out the fear of the unknown?

Believe in the power of N.O.W.

Years back when I was at a crossroad in my life, I met with a leadership coach to help provide me clarity on the decisions and experiences going on at the moment. I was newly married, recently found out I was going to be a father and struggling to find inner peace and belief that everything would work out.

A summary of the breakthrough meeting went like this…

Him: So, what’s your biggest fear? What’s holding you back from making this decision?

Me: I guess it’s just the fact I don’t know if it will work. It’s a giant risk, something I’ve never done before and I’m scared that I won’t be able to provide for my family.

Him: So, you’re telling me that with all those degrees, all those certifications, all those life experiences, regardless of what happens, you WOULDN’T find a way to provide for your family? You would simply sit there, lose your home, let them starve and suffer in the inevitable failure? You wouldn’t work an extra job? Hustle around the clock knowing you had to do whatever it took to keep your family together?

I-can-I-will-I-mustAnd that’s when the light bulb exploded and I felt like this

From that moment on, I knew that no matter what happened in the coaching or business world, nothing would stand in my way to take care of what matters most; my family. That moment is when I decided to do it N.O.W.


There are a lot of things that are going to happen that you simply cannot control.

  • The weather.
  • The economy.
  • The football plays being called.

It’s a sad truth, but in today’s world, there are no guarantees.

  • No promise your marriage will work.
  • No guarantee the business will make money.
  • No contract clause that will tell you your job is safe.

So why hold yourself back? Why allow what COULD happen get in the way of what WILL happen?

Imagine not pitching an amazing idea for your team or department because of the cost or logistics involved.

Or not taking a head coaching position because you know there is no way you’ll be successful there and it’s a dead end job.

Or starting a business from the ground level because you’re scared it will just stay in the red and suck you dry?

As we get older, we only lose more time and add more responsibility, so if we don’t make time for it N.O.W., when will we ever?

The temperature will change, the economy will crash and your head coach will probably be mad at you for something anyways, so why worry?

Why act in terms of maybes and possiblys when you should be acting with absolutelys and definitelys?

So, do yourself a favor and make a decision based off what you do know. That you’re a committed, dedicated and relentless pursuer of success and won’t allow anything or anybody get in your way of achieving greatness.

There’s No Other Way!

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