The C Word

January 3, 2018 / General
The C Word

Like most of you, my family has suffered through some insane cold these past few days. So much that our new oil heating system in our home stopped working this past Saturday.

And it continued to not work on and off over the course of three days into the New Year.

Now, I’m all about Whim Hoff and his “embrace the cold” thing he’s got going on, but with a family of four and a new system, I was not happy.

After multiple attempts of trying to reach the guy who installed it, I was finally able to get a hold of him and explain what was going on.

His response?

“I’ll be there in a few days when it’s more…”

Ugh – I can’t even finish the sentence without getting fired up!

But, you know what he said, don’t you?

You’ve heard it on the streets.

Maybe even in the locker room.

Hell, you might’ve even said it at the dinner table in front of your family.

Click here to hear the word I’m too horrified to say.

Eeeek. The way it rolls off your lips can be disgusting.

And so are its minions. Just think…

  • CONVENIENCE store – Overpriced and never a good deal.
  • “I don’t want it to be an INCONVENIENCE.” – A problem, setback or a logjam.
  • “It’s just not CONVENIENT for me to…” – Easy, worth doing, handed on a silver platter.

As a coach, the only things that should start with C are confidence, compassion, client-centeredness, and championships.

Ok, maybe coffee. Oh, and chocolate. Wait, cookies too 🙂

But, what are the dangers of the C word? 

Personally, I think it’s like the blob. Once it grabs hold of you, other C words can start to appear and take over your life:


complacency – carelessness – chaos – cheerless – complaining – condescending – confusion – corrosive – cancer – contradict – corrupt – cowardly – criticize – cumbersome


So, whether you’re still chipping away at your New Year’s Resolutions, looking for a new coach or trying to figure out how to build that 985 pieces LEGO set for your 5-year old, remember:

  • If it’s worth doing/accomplishing, it’s probably going to hurt, suck or downright be difficult at times.
  • There is no testimony without a test! (Credit) 
  • Convenience doesn’t always equal competence. (Credit)

Embrace the suck. Lean into the discomfort. Welcome the challenge.

It’s better to accept it than to avoid it.

-Coach Adam

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