As a coach, speaker and mentor, Adam is dedicated to helping people reach nothing less than their full potential.

Whether they’re kids, coaches, athletes or business owners, Adam helps people discover what is possible for themselves, and make it happen — using every opportunity, every day.

With the territory of coaching comes the desire to win. Adam helps people win. Only, ‘winning’ isn’t necessarily what you might think.

Sure, he has helped athletes and teams — like the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and college football teams like University of Louisville — win games, and win championships.

But to Adam (himself a natural competitor and accomplished athlete), winning can mean something a little different.

For example, sometimes winning means helping a teenage girl gain confidence and walk taller. Sometimes it means helping a coach focus a little more on their biggest impact and best value, and worrying a little less about the ‘small stuff’. And other times it means helping a business owner make time for the things that really matter to them (while still “crushing it” at work).

To Adam, “winning” means making the tough decisions about what is most important to you, and giving those things your best effort.

He walks the talk.

Like the time he left the NFL (despite having the “dream job” at a mere 25 years old) to help open a sports performance center for kids.

Or, after, breaking his arm in senior year of high school and losing his dream of playing in college, dedicating himself to sports performance and doubling down on his efforts to become a great coach.

Or being present for his son’s first soccer goal and tee ball hit despite the demands of coaching hundreds of athletes, running a business, and building a brand.

In other words, Adam’s idea of winning is showing up every day and seeking excellence. Giving the stuff that matters your full attention and best effort — and letting go of the stuff that doesn’t.

With this approach, Adam helps people do more of the awesome, kick-ass work that matters.

More than winning, he helps them reach their full potential. Every day.