Seminar & Conference Presentations

Seminar & Conference Presentations

As an internationally known speaker, I would love the chance to speak for you and your organization. Some of the things I have spoken on before include:

General, sport or competition specific nutrition education

Leadership and team building

Entrepreneurship and staff development

Mental training and motivational methods

Coaching and exercise programming strategies for success

Business / Staff Coaching

Business / Staff Coaching

I've consulted with dozens of gyms and strength and conditioning staffs on:

Practical strategies and systems for the start-up gym owner/partner

Staff administration, marketing and program development

Budget management, scheduling and overall business logistics and operations

Internship & community outreach services to maximize revenue and reputation

Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition Consulting

As a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification Instructor and Assistant Director of Performance Nutrition, I help to deliver life-changing, research-driven nutrition coaching for everyone. Some of the things I can help with specifically include:

General health or performance based nutrition consulting

Individualized fat loss/muscle gain coaching

Safe and effective supplement strategies and recommendations

Event specific strategies for weddings, strength competitions and weigh-ins

Individual / Team Program Design

Individual / Team Program Design

With 10+ years coaching experience at the NFL, Division I and youth levels, there hasn't been a program or age group I haven't had the opportunity to work with. My diverse background in sports performance can provide:

Customized speed, agility, strength & conditioning programs for the youth, high school, college, & professional athlete/team

Seasonal & annual plan programming

Strongman, powerlifting or Olympic weightlifting competition prep

Vacation, limited equipment or take-home program design when away from school